Arabian Nights Readings

1.00: Scheheradaze and Shariyar

A brave (and well-read!) girl attempts to stop a king’s marriage-execution rampage…by telling stories. 

2.00: The Trader and the Jinni

A chance encounter with a vengeful jinni beneath a date tree results in three stories of marvelous transformations. 

3.00: The Fisherman and the ‘Ifrit

A clever fisherman turns the tables on an angry jinni, and wins some fish! 

4.00: Abu Muhammad the Sluggard

Haroun al-Rashid searches for a jewel, and hears a tale of love and en enchanted monkey from a very lazy man. 

5.00: The Three Apples

Billed as the first murder-mystery detective story, there’s certainly a mysterious murder, but very little actual detecting. 

6.00: Two Windy Tales

Yep, farts were funny in the Middle Ages, too. Here are two flatulent tales from the Nights.   

7.00: The Lady and Her Five Suitors

A clever lady takes advantage of unscrupulous men, resulting in their humiliation and a delightful old potty joke.