Getting started

In the command entry box below the dashed line, type:

connect guest guest

You should see a welcome message. To see who's online, type who.


To speak to someone in the same room, type a single quote-mark before your words:

"Hello there! Nice to meet you.

(Notice no ending quote is necessary.)


To speak to everyone on the <PUBLIC> channel, type a "plus-P" before your words:

+P Can everyone hear this?


To "pose" an action or emotion, type a colon, and then describe your action:

:scratches his head.

Everyone in the room will see:

Guest scratches his head.


To move around, type "compass" directions. These can usually be abbreviated to single or double letters. Try:


to go south. Other directions include: n, e, w, nw, se, sw, se, u, d.


To find exits and objects, look around:


shows you the description of the room you are in. You can look at specific things by typing "look <object>":

look chair