Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

2nd Period moved on today—leaving Tom Benecke at the movies with his wife (we assume he made it safely, and wasn’t run over by a bus, or didn’t fall down an open manhole) we wandered back to plague-time in the Middle Ages, and looked at some pictures: namely Bruegel’s The Triumph of Death, a cadaver tomb, and introduced the Latin term “memento mori” and the concept of the Dance of Death.

6th Period, in a frantic rush, finished up “Contents” with an abbreviated discussion of symbols and themes in one day. (see the previous day’s notes for 2nd Period for details.) 

Assignments? Still pending.

  • Vocabulary #5 is due on Monday, November 1st for all classes.
  • 2nd Period’s “Write Like a Dead Man” sheet is due tomorrow!
  • 6th Period’s Vocabulary #4 Quiz is still this coming Friday!