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Mythology Extra: Arabian Nights

A short study of this sweeping collection of fables and folktales from all over the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. We can look at Aladdin, Ali Baba, and Sindbad, sure—but we’ll wander well off the beaten path, as well. Part of a series of things that don’t fit into the normal Mythology 1 or 2 elective.


Mythology Extra: Legends of Charlemagne

The Charlemagne of history ruled the Franks in the 800s AD. The Charlemagne of legend was surrounded by a team of twelve extraordinary paladins. Meet the likes of Ogier the Dane, Malagigi the Enchanter, Duke Namo, and the infamous Roland. Part of a series of things that don’t fit into the normal Mythology 1 or 2 elective.


Writing Interactive Fiction

In the olden days, youngsters sometimes amused themselves by reading Choose Your Own Adventure books (“To give the mouse a cookie, turn to page 52.”), or by sitting in front of green-tinged computer screens playing text-based computer games like Adventure or Zork (“Get key. Unlock dor with key.”) Learn to write your own text-based adventure games and publish them on the web. Involves imagination, writing, and learning a tiny bit of programming.


Introduction to Python Programming

A very basic introduction to computer programming using Python, one of the most popular programming languages around today. Python is used for stuff like science (NASA uses it for a ton of in-house stuff), web applications (Dropbox, Pinterest), and game development (Eve Online?!?) , but we’ll keep it incredibly simple.


Basic MUSH Coding

Learn some basic computer programming skills by building locations in a multi-user text-based world. (Think, um,World of Warcraft with text instead of pictures? —“You stand at the edge of a rushing stream…etc.”) Players can interact with each other and the environments you create. Imagination and writing skills would be good to have. Some basic programming knowledge wouldn’t hurt, but is not required!


Apps for Awesomeness

A survey of web applications and techniques that can help you be super awesome in school and beyond. Focuses on apps that help you with communication, study skills, document creation, presenting, and sharing.