Texts for Mythology 2

1.01: The Beginning

Fire giants, ice giants, a cosmic cow, a gossipy squirrel, and more. And we’re just getting started.

1.01x: Futhark

A look at Viking runes—as accurate as my limited time and poor scholarship will allow. 

2.00: How Odin Became Wise

What price would you pay to know everything about everything?

2.01: How the Queen of the Sky Gave Gifts to Men

Humility pays off in this short tale about the blessings of Frigga.

3.02x: from “The Roaring Trumpet”

Adventurer Harold Shea uses some dicey psychology to transfer himself to the realm of Norse Mythology. Hilarity (some of which resembles our “Pride of Thor” story) ensues.

4.05: Ragnarok

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5.00: Intro. to Egypt

The introduction from Roger Lancelyn Green’s Tales of Ancient Egypt. We’ll read some stories from this book later.
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5.01: Gods and Goddesses

A slideshow and brief notes about some of the majors. Woefully simplistic, but it’s a start.

5.02: Creation Legend of Sun Worshipers

Ra creates the world, and all kinds of nonsense ensues, until he finally leaves in disgust. Good times.
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5.03: Isis & Osiris

Osiris, ruling in the wake of Ra, is done to death by his evil brother Set. Isis goes on an epic search for his body. Twice.
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5.04: Horus Versus Set

Horus, son of Osiris and Isis, seeks to avenge his father’s death. Epic hippo battles ensue.
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6.00: The Shipwrecked Sailor

A sailor wrecked on a strange island meets a magical snake. That’s pretty much it, really.
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6.01: The Book of Thoth

Buckle up for mystical books, spells, mummies, deadly board games, and more!
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6.02: The Greek Princess

The Egyptian bureaucracy is sent into a tizzy as some Greek sailors defect from their master, and tell a strange story…
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6.03: Se-Osiris and the Sealed Letter

The young grandson of Rameses the Great defends Egyptian magic from an angry Ethiopian and an ancient curse.
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6.04: The Land of the Dead

Se-Osiris takes his father on a mystical journey to the land of the dead to teach him a valuable lesson.
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