Best. Christmaslights. Ever.

This one’s making the rounds on Teh Intarnets, and it’s so strangely compelling, I thought I’d post it here, in case you’ve missed it—house + lots of lights + Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Heh. You still out there, MarkW.? :wink:) + video camera = rockin’ Christmas‑y magic. 😛

You’ll probably have trouble viewing this at school, since the Filters O’ Doom don’t like video hosting sites (for obvious reasons!), but here are a few places to try (if you’re at home, then you’ll have no trouble!): “Wizards of Winter” at Putfile.comLookatentertainment.comMetacafeGoogle Video; if all else fails, this might work. Enjoy!

Update (12/06): Want to know how it was done? (Or maybe build your own?! :evil:) Check this page out, for starters…