Good Studenting 101

As you get ready to start another school year, you’re probably thinking about (in some way or another) what kinds of things your teachers are going to do to you, or make you do for them. Rightfully so! 😛 You hope you’ll have some good teachers, good classes, and a good year.

Guess what? Your teachers are pretty much hoping for the same thing. (Well, you’ll need to replace “good teachers” up there with “good students,” but you get my point, right?) So, if you’re inclined, you might find it enlightening to check out “Top 10 Ways for Students to Connect to Teachers,” featuring such good-student insider tips as:

#8: Don’t give us too many details. Do not hand in a paper or assignment and say, “Yeah, I just threw this together about an hour ago.” If you hadn’t said that, you might have gotten away with it. But now that you have said it, we know you didn’t take the assignment seriously and you don’t respect the work we do for you day in and day out—and that’s the mindset we grade your paper with.

Some of these are geared more for college students, but you’ll get the idea. And don’t get me wrong—I’m not trying to be preachy or anything, but in the same way that a teacher should consider themselves and their teaching, it might be helpful for a student, from time to time, to consider themselves and their, um, studenting. 🙂

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