Love Is In The Air…

Well, more like “flu” or some other kind of crud is in the air, since we’re out of school on Monday to give the plague a chance to subside. But, with Valentine’s day fast approaching, I thought you might enjoy this educational film currently making the rounds, which explains in detail the creation of some of our favorite greeting cards.

Speaking of greeting cards, in a memorable Simpson’s episode (#74: Feb. 11, 1993, to be exact), Lisa gives Ralph a sympathy Valentine that’s so amazingly clever (to Ralph, at least) that he falls head-over-heels in love with her for the rest of the episode.

Well, maybe you can get some of that mojo workin’ for you—Geoff Stearns has made a tracing of the infamous “I Choo-Choo-Choose You” card available on his blog. Now you can wield the mighty power of Lisa Simpson’s mystical Valentine greeting! Muah ha— Er, wait a minute… I guess she really didn’t want Ralph to fall madly in love with her, so there’s a chance it might only work on undesirables… Oh, well. Use at your own risk, ‘s all I can say. 😀

The version on Geoff’s site is an EPS file, and since you may not have the software available to open those, I’ve slapped together a cut-n-make PDF version you can grab here.

Ralph: “Ms. Hoover, my parents won’t let me use scissors.”
[children laugh] Ms. Hoover: “The children have the right to laugh at you, Ralph. These scissors can’t even cut butter.”

Be careful out there, kids. 😉