Everybody’s abuzz about Google’s merging of its new (beta) Maps feature with its recently acquired Keyhole satellite mapping products. Folks on Flickr have been making “memory maps,” and I thought it might be fun to do my own. So here it is—my stomping grounds in Charlotte, from about 6th–10th grade. (Things opened out a little after that… :wink:)

I put this together using an image map generated with the help of Yok Software’s YokMap 1.0.1, and Stuart Langridge’s DOM Image Annotation script, along with his Nicetitles script, so that the extremely lengthy tooltips would show up in Mozilla browsers without being cut short.

There’s one glitch, though, that I haven’t been able to fix so far. To read the text, you have to hold the mouse over the border of the marked areas. If you move to the center of the boxes, the text will disappear again. Oh well. I’m stumped, so until I get some help, that method will have to do. :ponder:

I’ll probably give this a permanent home in the About this Site section, and maybe later I’ll add some others.