Ooo, It Makes Me Wonder.

Ladies and Gentlemen: In the year 2000 or so, Swiss film maker-traveler-adventurer Bernard Weber decided it was about time the world had a new set of Wonders, since all of the “ancient” Wonders had long ago fallen over, or been looted, pillaged, and/or burned into obscurity. (Well, except those pyramids. But, man! They’re sturdy.) With that in mind, he started the New 7 Wonders campaign, in order to choose replacements that can actually be visited and seen. (I’m assuming there’s not much money to be made in selling Mausoleum of Maussollos t‑shirts and posters anymore. :ponder:)
So why am I bothering to tell you this, you ask? Because, like any other 21st Century activity of any import, you get to vote. That’s right, my friends—if you visit the New 7 Wonders web site and register before the final announcement date (July 7, 2007), you can cast your vote for the 7 sites (out of 21 on the short list) you’d like to see proclaimed the New 7 Wonders of the World! 😉
If you’re concerned about spam (and who the heck isn’t?), or concerned about giving your email address to a vague and faceless international organization (and who the heck isn’t?), may I suggest using a service like Mailinator to catch your confirmation email? Just enter ‘’ as your email address, hop over to Mailinator and check the address you just magically created. Click the link in your confirmation email, and never look back. (See? You learn something new every day! :P)
So go! Go pick us some new Wonders that all 5 billion of us can be proud of! (And don’t forget to vote for the Big Lots spokes-elf while you’re making the rounds. :stinky:)