I’ve noticed for a while that I seem to get some of my best ideas in the shower in the morning. Looks like I’m not alone, according to this article from the New York Times:

…Where does inspiration strike? Obviously, in isolated instances, anywhere at any time. But the one place that seems to ignite the creative process in an amazing number of people is the shower. This may be because the shower is, in a sense, something of a refuge. The only sound is usually that of running water, and for most people it’s one of the few places the telephone doesn’t intrude.

Seems like there’s medical evidence that spraying warm water on your skin jazzes up your brain activity, too:

We recently discovered that the cells of the epidermis, called keratinocytes, contain natural opium-related compounds known as beta-endorphins,” Rice says. Beta-endorphins cause a pleasurable sensation when released in the brain.

In a study published in Nature Medicine in 2003, Rice and his colleagues found that stimulation of the uppermost cells of the epidermis, as happens during a shower, causes a release of beta-endorphins that act on nerve endings to cause a soothing sensation.

Just the stimulation itself raises the awareness level of the brain,” Rice says. “That triggers activity that can lead to something that is a new thought.”*

So I suppose that explains that, huh? Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s early, and I think I’ll go get inspired. 😛