…And We’re Back!

Not all the way back, of course, but back enough for now. Big and bold and sparkly clean on the inside as well as out.

Underneath, I’m running WordPress instead of Movable Type for the log pages now. On top, the changes are obvious (I hope) — brought about by an all-new stylesheet that’s the sleekest and most compact I’ve written so far in my brief acquaintance with modern CSS. (Truth be told, it’s started an uncomfortable sprawl here toward the end, but that’s my problem, not yours. :wink:) I’m also striving to be a good citizen and make sure the code in my pages validates. (You can check me out by hitting the XHTML link at the very bottom of this page, if you’d like! :nervous:)

We’ve also got new and improved comment-posting capabilities, with some exciting graphical smileys, and a live preview feature. Anyway, I hope you like the changes—I’ll be making more tweaks to the layout in the days to come, and adding in more content, as well. If you happen to stop in and notice something crazy in your particular browser, I’d appreciate it if you’d drop a comment in the box here and let me know—I haven’t taken the time to test everything thoroughly in every browser, so I’d appreciate any help!