Back to…Well, You Know.

It’s that time of year again, when we pull down the gorgeous summer header photos, and replace them with the yellow monster. :bolt: Ah well, new beginnings, and all that, right? 😉 As we get ready to kick off another year, here are a couple of things that might interest you:

» School on Thursday (August 11th): If there’s any doubt, the high school is open Thursday for Freshmen only to come for a half-day of orientation. Upperclassmen, you’re free (free, I tell you!) until Monday the 15th, so enjoy.

» Speaking of orientation, if you’d like to get a jump on planning out your daily route, here’s a copy of the school map and teacher room-list, updated for this year in PDF format. Since I re-drew it for the school newspaper, I figured I’d post it here as well, if you want to grab a copy early. 😛

» Calendars are updated, as well. (Or will be, very shortly.) The school calendar already has the big stuff filled in (major holidays, test dates, etc.), and I’m working on the Fall sports schedules. The lunch menu will be there, well, as soon as I get a lunch menu!

Other changes around Ferrellweb are rather minor, I’m afraid—the Extras section has been separated into sections, to accommodate a real link to the papercraft page. (There’s also been one quiz added to the Quiz section, from the millions I had hoped to make. :cry:)

I’ve tweaked the About this site section, adding a laundry list of software I use to make this site, in the off-chance that it might prove valuable to someone.

If you check out the sidebar in the Notes section, you’ll notice that if you’re one of my students, you’ll be able to check your grade online. (Yes, your parents will, too, so let the fear&trembling begin.:skull:) If you’d like to give it a spin, I’ve left one of my test subjects in there. You can log in by using the last name ‘student’ and password ‘password’, and choosing ‘Test Class’ from the drop-down menu.)

Finally, I’ve gussied up the Forum section, adapting the graphics to reflect the site’s design more closely, and adding some swell new functionality. It might be interesting to see if we can get some discussions rolling there this year; I’ll try and be more diligent about posting and responding, myself. Check in (or create an account) and see what’s new!

Whew! I think that about covers it! Hope you have a great year, folks! 😀