Batten ‘Em Down, People

It looks like a variant of the MyDoom is kicking around the Internet again, folks:

The MyDoom worm saga continued today with the release of yet another variant of the noxious email worm. The latest variant — MyDoom‑S (AKA MyDoom‑Q or MyDoom‑R) — poses as a funny photographs in order to dupe users into opening an infectious attachment called photos_arc.exe.

It looks like you can expect a subject line of “photos” and a message reading “LOL!;))))” along with the attachment. Remember that these things mail themselves out from other people’s computers, so it may very well be from a friend’s email address! Don’t open stuff like this, unless you’re absolutely sure your friend just e‑mailed you some pictures on purpose! The computer you save may be your own.

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