Have It Your Way

If you’re a repeat visitor, and you’re not still using a crappy browser, you’ll notice some little widgets in the corners of the sidebar headers. Thanks to some amazing DOM scripting courtesy of brothercake, you can now rearrange and show/hide the sidebar boxes to see what you want to see. Crazy.

Give it a try: clicking the widget in the corner will toggle the contents of the box on or off. You can click and drag the title bar of each box to move them around. If your browser has cookies enabled, the boxes will be in the same order you left them each time you return. Schweeet. 😎

The upshot is that you can move whatever you want “above the fold” as it were. Sick of looking at the Quick Links section? Minimize it. Like the Deity of the Day? Drag it to the top.

Since I’ve got this functionality, I may add in other feeds later, and not feel so bad about having a junked-up sidebar. A tip: if you’re going to drag a lot of boxes around, it’s easier to minimize them all first, then drag them where you want them.

Internet Explorer users, I’m sorry. Even though this script is designed to work with IE6, my CSS just won’t cut it. It was making a mess. I’m sure it’s half my fault for not being so good at this stuff, but I’m sick of spending hours and hours (because I can’t remember all the tricks and dodges, and have to look them up every time) trying to get things that work perfectly well in standards-compliant browsers to also work in IE. At least try Firefox for once, willya? End of rant—but you get no fancy sidebar. :tired: