Podcast? Oh, Yeah. That.

It’s been a while, so here’s a quick plug for the long-awaited EagleCast No.6, now available in the usual places. I’ve finally got GarageBand 3 working correctly on my main computer, so editing is back to being a breeze. 😀

Be warned—this episode is a mostly-one-topic beast, clocking in at something close to an hour long. It features Leann C. and Heidi F. as guest panelists discussing the burning question: “Is the education system biased toward girls?” I was going to chop it down to our usual 20–30 minute length, but finally decided to leave it all together, instead. So, hey: listen to as much as you want, skip around, whatever. 😉 If you feel like sounding off yourself, or responding to any of their points, head to the Forum to discuss.