School’s Out (Beta)

I’ve added a box on the left that keeps an eye on Channel 9’s web site, and will update if RCHS is closed (or going to be closed, as was the case last Thursday). It’s a beta right now, which means don’t trust it at all! It’s the first bit of PHP I’ve coded without using anything else as a reference, so there’s no telling how well it will work… (I think it’s pretty solid, but still, you never know. The only way to test it is for us to get out of school a couple of times. :ponder:)

I’m not sure if I like it, anyway — it seems to take up a lot of space over there, and I’m not sure how valuable it is, in the long run. Would you rather look here, instead of somewhere else, for school closing news? It’s about the same distance, I guess. Should I just have a box or icon or something appear if school’s out, and save the space if it’s not? What do you think? Leave some feedback in the comments; I’d sure appreciate it!