The Show Is On The Road

Ok, ok. Enough stalling. The site’s been hiding behind “under construction” plywood walls for a rather long time while I’ve been trying to get up to speed with more modern web page design techniques. Figuring that, at the present rate, I’ll still be getting up to speed months from now, I’m locking my perfectionistic streak up in a little box so I won’t have to listen to it anymore, kicking over the plywood, and throwing open the doors to the general public.

That being said (and to keep the whole construction-site analogy going until I get my money’s worth out of it), be careful wandering around in here, and try not to be too disappointed. The place is a shambles. No elevators, glass isn’t in half the windows, wires hanging out all over the place, the floor’s coated with gritty shuffly dust…try not to cut yourself on anything, or fall down.

I’m almost done tweaking layout elements and settling on a consistent style for everything, and I’ve almost got Movable Type beat into shape—just a few minor templates to finish up. I’ll be adding and subtracting little pieces often, so if things change or move around, don’t be too suprised.

So far, you’ll find a couple of pages in the Hot Topics section with links to information about William Shakespeare and ancient Rome, and the Class Logs should be running in the Notes section shortly. (Though I’m scared to death I won’t be able to keep up with them too well…) Stop back in every once in a while and see what’s going on… I’ll keep this page updated with the latest developments.