Xi State Organization Essay Contest

I received information about the Xi State Organization Essay Contest the other day, sponsored each year by The Delta Kappa Gamma Society. There’s some prize money at stake, for any of you budding freelancers who might be interested: $300 for 1st place, $200 for 2nd, and $100 for 3rd. (That’ll buy a few Moleskines, that will.) If you’d like more details,

here’s a selection from the official release:

Purpose: To encourage, to recognize and to reward Tennessee high school students who demonstrate outstanding writing skills.

Eligibility: All Tennessee high school students (grades 9–12). Each high school is limited to four entries.

Topic: “Upon the education of the people of this country, the fate of this country depends.” — Benjamin Disraeli


  1. Students may incorporate this quotation in any way they wish, but it must be the basis for the essay.
  2. The essay must be 350–500 words in length. It must be typed or word-processed, double-spaced, on white 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper. 
  3. A cover sheet, stapled to the essay, must contain the following:
         A. Student’s name, address, and phone number
         B. Student’s school name and address
         C. Name of student’s teacher
         D. Name of The Delta Kappa Gamma Chapter represented
         E. Name and address of local newspaper

Content and original development: 50%
Writing skills: 50%

RCHS can only submit four essays, so there will be a selection process to determine which will be sent. The essays must be submitted to the contest by March 1, 2006, so look to have yours done by early February if you’d like to participate. You can submit essays to me, if you’d like, or to Mrs. Fisher in the library.