All the cool kids on teh Intarnets seem to be yearbooking themselves today, so I thought you guys might like to join in. All you need is a few minutes to waste, and a sort of “front view” picture of yourself to upload. The site will do the rest. If you’d like a preview, here are some of my pictures.

Christmas (Bronx)Cheer.

Sweet merciful heaven. Its— You— I mean… it’s a sort of game, see? Where you… or this guy… anyway, there’s some kind of Brussels sprouts… and I guess it’s Christmas… and… Oh, man. I’m better than this, I really am. Merry Christmas, you guys. Sorry. :xmastree:

Overcome meekness.

The meek shall certainly inherit the earth, but there are times that, no matter how bashful or unassuming one might be, one’s voice must be heard, for the good of all. Never fear: the Bureau of Communication is on the job, supplying a variety of delightfully old-school forms to “Let That Which Is Unsaid Be Said.” Choose from Observance of a … 

Museum” of Misused Quotation Marks

Ok, ok…technically, they call it a “gallery,” but that title serves to illustrate a point. And for the “quotationally challenged” of you out there (and you know who you are…or may not, actually…) that point may be worth making. If you’d just like to take a look, hop over to The Gallery of “Misused” Quotation Marks, and have at it. If …